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3e Navigator for CEO & Senior Executives

e3 Navigator is a programme designed to go beyond formal induction to help CEOs and Senior executives, especially those who are making a transition into a new company or who are assuming new roles in their organization, to settle in swiftly, become effective and make impact very quickly.

3e Navigator

They are provided with practical tools and techniques to distil the relevant information required to;

  • Diagnose the climate of the organization and understand the nuances of its culture
  • Know the team through who they will deliver performance – their styles and motivations
  • Gain insight into their “fit” and draw attention to where their could be issues as well as how to address these
  • Shape how they communicate their vision to ensure they are effective in making change happen and get traction.

The new CEO and Senior Executive is drenched in information and is having to appraise current issues as well as engage in personal reflections. At the same time there is an urgent need to lay the groundwork for the company's future. Sometimes real support is limited. This programme enables structure and priorities to be set and for the real levers of change and success to be isolated from the numerous demands screaming for attention. There is never a second chance to get this right.

An Introduction to the 3e Navigator

Imagine you arrive in a city you’ve never been to. Even with a map you find you have to stop and ask for directions from well-meaning total strangers who, it turns out, describe where to go but barely speak your language. Hey, haven’t I passed this corner before? You find you keep re-tracing your old routes. Your new role is like entering a new city – no matter who points you in the right direction you still need your own compass, or map.

Better still, you purchase a GPS Navigator! With a navigator it does not matter if you discover you are off-course – you will soon get back on track. In the same way, if you have been in your role for a while now, yet would appreciate some direction finding, The 3e Navigator programme is for you too,

The Purpose of the Programme

Here is a programme to help you get off to a great start. You may be joining a new organisation, taking on a more senior role in your current organisation or simply needing to revitalise you endeavour to transform your organization, division or function.  

It is like embarking on a journey and as you know well, achieving success in a journey of this nature is a multi-dimensional endeavour. But then, if you spread your efforts thinly over all its parts you will struggle to gain traction; yet all eyes are on you to make a difference. To make a significant and visible impact early you’ll have to choose carefully what you focus on. Just as your arrival into your new role is a transition for you, so it is a major transition for everybody else. There is a new variable in the calculus and it is you. You have hopes and expectations of your new staff, and they do of you. People want your attention; there are issues that they want you to address, many not even clearly articulated; some merely symptoms with a deeper cause. Your aim is to make a real difference in the short, medium and long-term.

Some things that may seem strange to you others may not even notice – they may well have grown accustomed to what you see must be changed. If you leave some of them long enough you might get accustomed to them too and that just makes them harder to address. To make the right decisions though, you will have to listen, observe, absorb, question, record and act on what you see in a timely manner. Yet you cannot move too fast or too slow. Rash decisions will backfire, tardiness will too.

There is no simple formula for success. You have been appointed to this new role most certainly because it is believed you will bring much needed change or continuity depending on the organizational circumstance. Your previous achievements have played a part in the decision to give you this role. You will quickly realise however that many things that worked for you in your previous role have lost their magic. Your achievement in your previous successful role has to do with the people you achieved through and the culture within which you achieved. You have been uprooted from that culture and context and you are being planted in a completely different context and culture.  To be successful you will need to understand the current culture and re-craft a favorable context. Usually this will take time and that is precisely what you do not have.

3e Navivator - Programme Overview

The 3e Navigator programme consists of three modules to be completed over a three month period. The programme material is available through our online learning management system where you can record your reflections on a daily basis. After each module you will participate in a coaching session.

Programme Outline


  • Where am I? How ready am I to manage in this place? What do I need for this journey?
  • Who are these I am embarking on a journey with?


  • What does my current terrain look like?
  • What people resources do I currently possess?
  • What are my likely challenges?
  • Initial Goals Prioritising for and Addressing your Early Wins


  • Where am I taking my new organisation?
  • Why should my people follow where I lead and be excited to follow?
  • How can I engage each player’s heart and mind so they can locate themselves on the journey?

How to Participate

The 3e Navigator programme is delivered and accessed through our Learning Management System. You will be given instructions and details on where and how to login and access the programme on subscription. In the first instance please contact us on +27 79 517 3707 do discuss your exact requirements or email at:-


“The programme was very practical and strongly relevant to the real work environment. The delivery style was very inclusive and probing giving room for participation and testing understanding.”
"Yes. The behaviour that everyone including Managers will appreciate. The need for change in behaviour, not hanging on to the past behaviours or thought to deliver judgement in the future."
“Approach is practical; easy to relate to, what I learnt can be practiced, what I learnt is respectable. Now I know my predisposition I can do better in any given situation.”