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Organisational Pulse Check

This is a quick and simple but high yield test that will provide you with valuable insights into the fitness of your organization to deliver strategic performance. It will point you to the causes and nature of organizational and people issues. These will be classified in a systematic way to allow determination of what might be required to enhance the vitality of your organization.

The report you will receive immediately on completion of the survey will benchmark your company in the following areas that have been shown to be significant differentiators between consistently high performing organizations and those merely struggling to stay in the game;

1. Engagement & Leadership behaviour

2. Skills and Knowledge

3. Organization Structure

4. Processes, Metrics and Feedback

5. Strategic Literacy & Performance

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20 Questions - Your Organisation

1. Generally, our people understand how we make and bring in money in this business

2. Our people are waste-averse. They seek it out and they cut it out.

3. There is a powerful feeling of pulsating energy and vitality in our company that is evident the moment you walked in the door of their offices and factory floor.

4. There is something about our people - a pervasive sense of accomplishment and an air of success.

5. Everyone is excited about where our organisation is going and what it believes in.

6. Everyone understands his/her own role and instinctively knows what to do to contribute to getting us to our goals.

7. There is a sense of common purpose around our organisation's goals and how we are getting there; you don't have to constantly interpret policy for our people.

8. Our people understand that we are in tough competition and that securing, as well as maintaining an edge is a battle.

9. Our people use their initiatives and do not wait to be told what to do

10. We relish taking on our competitors and beating them fairly. Our people know when they have contributed to this and when they have been unable to and why.

11. Our people have taken the fight to the market place away from one another. No longer do we talk about each other, we now talk to one another. In the end, it is about how to deliver value to the customer better than competition can.

12. There is a pervasive sense of urgency that drives timely decision-making across our organization.

13. Our people are sufficiently confident and willing to try out new ideas; they take risk and are not afraid to make mistakes.

14. What is more, our people take ownership for what they do and readily accept their mistakes. They enthusiastically soak up every ounce of learning from their mistakes and failures.

15. There is effective collaboration and robust coordination between different units and functions in the organization to deliver overarching strategic outcomes.

16. All our people have skills, knowledge and attitudes to carry out their jobs competently in a very safe, healthy and mutually rewarding environment of team spirit.

17. We always listen to each other and support each other.

18. You do not have to kick or goad your way out of problem situations, because everyone pitches in and contributes when the chips are down. We trust each other and are eager to reach out for more challenge.

19. Our Leadership, work day and night to make our organization such an exciting, rewarding place that we all look forward to coming to work every day.

20. There can't be any other places where our people can have such quality of working life and well-being.

Skills & Knowledge Climate Structure Processes, Metrics & Feedback Strategic Literacy, Organisational Performance
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