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Engagement Style Indicator™


This is a 360 degree behavioural survey, designed to Increase the effectiveness of Leaders/Managers by providing insight as to how they are perceived by their direct reports, colleagues, and their managers as compared against their own assessment, to ensure they:

  • Ascertain performance is on track
  • Drive personal accountability
  • Clarify expectations and priorities
  • Reinforce/motivate excellence
  • Build pride and engagement
  • Establish organisational alignment

The report profiles the extent to which a Leader/Manager demonstrates certain critical Leadership/Managerial behaviours. Specifically, it provides real world feedback concerning how the Leader/Manager implements four critical behavioural accountabilities. Research has shown that that the following four behavioural accountabilities have been validated as essential for a competent Leader/Manager to demonstrate consistently while in the delivery of their business objective:

  • Setting Direction and Objectives - The importance of establishing clarity and direction
  • Taking Decisions - The scope, level and process of decision-making
  • Communicating - The interpersonal approach to communications
  • Managing Performance - The approach to ensuring performance is achieved

ESI™ enables individuals to understand ‘what they do’ behaviourally and the impact of those behaviours on their colleagues, direct reports, colleagues, and customers. Used at intervals, especially just before a significant Intervention like the ETLS™ and some time after that helps to calibrate emerging changes in the leadership behaviours of a leader in the course of his/her development and thus is a useful tool to appraise the effectiveness of such an Intervention.