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Engagement Through Leadership Skills™

A requirement of successful leadership is to achieve through others. In order to do this effectively, developing an atmosphere where people will be motivated to deliver discretionary effort to achieve their organisation’s goals is vital. A leader’s behaviour, or rather, the quality of their leadership delivery, dictates and determines the extent to which they will be successful in this leadership challenge.

In the Engagement through Leadership Skills (ETLS™) programme we focus on your behaviour as a leader, to develop your skills and better equip you to create a ‘Climate’ of high performance where your reports are engaged and aligned to your organisation’s strategy.

Leadership behaviour is a relatively generic term however, so what exactly are we referring to? ETLS™ is concerned with the skills you use when you interact with, engage and influence the people around you. From our work over 25 years, we know good engagement skills are regularly the causal difference between high and low performance. The programme will provide you with a ‘kit- bag’ of effective and well proven behaviours, which will enable you:

  • To observe and interpret the behaviour of others with an easy to use framework for classifying and understanding those behaviours
  • To appreciate others’ behaviour and modify yours appropriately
  • To create an open arena for communicating with others
  • To plan and structure your interactions to make them as mutually effective as possible
  • To boost the performance of the people around you, gaining their commitment to motivate themselves towards helping the organisation achieve its goals
Glowinkowski Model of Behaviour

Through the ETLS™ programme Leaders learn to utilise a comprehensive tool set to improve their own and their teams’ engagement in order to raise performance. It advocates a preferred style of Leadership behaviour called ‘Blue 4’. This style emphasises the need for a leader to be proactive In terms of establishing direction about what needs to be done to achieve desired outcomes concurrent with demonstrating genuine concern for others’ needs. In doing so, the leader exhibit a range of behaviours, including:

  • Assertiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Result focus
  • Involvement
  • Responsiveness

Overall, managers attending the ETLS™ programme will be enabled to develop skills and strategies for interacting more effectively and creating productive relationships with a range of different people and behaviours; the overly aggressive and domineering people who like to control situations and tend to be insensitive to others; the cautious and somewhat reticent people who are unassertive and will not speak till probed; the very sociable and light-hearted employees who are overly optimistic and talkative; as well as the collaborative and objective employees who are businesslike, assertive and direct. This way they are able to create a climate where people want to deliver, contribute and provide greater discretionary effort, a climate that is characterized by trust and integrity.

ETLS™ includes a series of online individual feedback surveys, which ensure the learning and the skills are being applied in the workplace. All participants will receive the results from the Glowinkowski Predisposition Indicator (GPI™) as well as the Engagement Style Indicator (ESI™) .