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3E Performance is a suite of interventions offered by People Skills Associates Ltd that help people and organizations achieve their utmost potential. Of course this is not what makes 3E Performance unique. Three things make it unique – the intuitive approach of 3E Performance, the fact that it is scalable and the fact that its transformation impact is both demonstrable and measurable.

Here is an approach that will ENGAGE you, then EQUIP you, and then EMPOWER you.

Organizations make huge investments in people development but very often have little to show for this in terms of the return from investment. Quite apart from the fact that they often do not have the means to measure the impact of interventions (we have this addressed as an integral part of our approach), these critical sequence of Engage – Equip – Empower is usually inadvertently breached. You cannot effectively equip people (which is what much of skills trainings is about), if they are not first engaged. You can certainly not empower people if they are not equipped. continued from home page...

Engage will cause you to question, challenge and rethink how you currently achieve with and through others.

You will discover:

  • What power and control cannot bring about, that only influence can bring about
  • You have influence and leadership inbuilt in you but this is usually constrained by self, call that ego, and what you can do unleash your influence
  • How to go beyond what great books and leadership programs tell you about what makes a good leader and truly transform yourself into one, with evidence coming through in what you cause others to do.
  • The extent to which what we do, more than anything, can determine our effectiveness and what we are able to achieve through others or with others. We do not control what others would do but we are certainly in control of what we do in response
  • You tend to depend on a narrow range of behaviors that have worked well for you up to a point but now need a wider range of behaviors. Successes has a habit of rendering the means that achieved it obsolete.

Equip entails providing you with practical skills that take you beyond just being informed to being transformed.

You will learn;

  • Everything that a person that wants to go beyond delivering todays results and building a lasting legacy must learn to do and how to do them
  • You will learn specific practical steps to bring out inbuilt influence and establish your leadership brand, by drawing on your unique personal strengths.
  • How your strengths sooner than later become your weakness, and what to do before it costs you your career. You don’t have to wait till your strengths begin to let you down.
  • Learn the most effective way to achieve significant outcomes with others that even the top business schools are not able to teach you.
  • How not to allow what others do determine how much you can achieve. Only victims allow that to happen and victims do not build legacies.

Empower enables you to influence and enact leadershiping behaviors that build legacies.

You will be able to:

  • Cause people to
  • Get up every morning, excited to join you to achieve something perceive as meaningful and valuable for all concerned
  • Release discretionary effort to address issues that come up in co-creating and achieving together, whether as a team of just yourself and another person or a team of many people
  • Realize how their individual outcomes ignite each other’s success.
  • Create an engaging environment that puts you, your people, and the customer on the same page, to cause you and your people to achieve spectacular outcomes. Studies show that when organizations successfully engage their customers and their employees, they experience a dramatic boost in performance-related business outcomes.
  • To bring out the full potential of individuals so that they can be the best that they can be.
  • Draw upon the full potential and inherent strength and power of the diversity of your team and make diversity work for you not against you.
  • Always overcome the urge for people to become complacent at the peak of success and readily re-fire and inspire yourself and others to greater heights after achieving spectacular success.