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Climate, Culture and Change

Glowinkowski Integrated Framework

At the heart of our approach to interventions is the Glowinkowski Integrated Framework™. This is a robust framework that is built on three decades of academic and organisational research and practices that have demonstrated that, all tings being equal, the climate of an organisation or work group is a significant driver of organisational performance.

The Glowinkowski Integrated Framework™

This shows how an organisation’s intent, i.e. its Strategic Objectives and Critical Success Factors, is translated into Business Performance Outcomes. These outcomes are dependent upon its Climate – how it feels to work in the organisation. This climate is itself driven by three levers; how the organisation is pieced together – it’s Structure, Leadership Behaviour within the organisation and how Critical Processes are managed.

Discretionary Effort is the ultimate outcome organisations desire to achieve from their people. People willing to give more, genuinely interested in their organisation and committed to its performance. Such people would be self-motivated to achieve, as opposed to feeling coerced; fundamentally they want to be part of something successful. Only within a strong climate could such people be nurtured and thrive because, in such an climate they are usually able to envision a future of spectacular possibilities they feel empowered to be part of; and they discover how their individual outcomes are igniting each other’s success.

A strong climate results in a powerful alignment of resilient internal engagements within the organisation, the creative and productive forces and customer engagement as well as all other stake-holder expectations. This is when break-through performance occurs.


Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative measurements, mostly using self-administered online tools, we are able to calibrate an organisation’s or specific work group’s climate in terms of the People’s Engagement Index, along the following lines;

  • Extent to which people are clear about what they are supposed to do and how they link to the overall direction of the organisation
  • Extent to which people feel challenged in their roles, with the opportunity to use their skills to the full
  • Extent to which people feel a sense of autonomy in delivering outcomes expected of them
  • Extent to which people positive and comfortable with change – their change orientation
  • Extent to which people perceive a link between effort and reward
  • Extent to which people feel proud, attached and committed to the organisation or work-group and its direction

The output from such a calibration of climate provides the organization or work-group with an insightful basis to position itself and understand which change lever – Organisational Structure, Behaviors and Processes – would have the most leverage on performance at that point in time.

Too many organisations have missed this step and ended up “shooting in the dark”, going from an inadequate articulation of their underlying performance issues straight of instituting major and often very expensive, as well as disruptive endeavours like Organisation Structure Reviews or Process Reengineering that deliver far less than the value anticipated. We can help you illuminate your performance issues through a carefully designed research so that you can make informed choices about what change priorities to focus on in addressing performance issues in your organisation or work unit. When and where Process Reengineering or Structure Review in indicated we are able to help, through the precision of our methodologies home in on what aspects of Structure or how processes are managed need addressing.