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Creating Climate for Performance

Organisations, as well as individuals within them, strive to achieve certain performance objectives. What they do to achieve these objectives and how they do them are usually shaped by a broad range of contextual circumstances and factors. These would include their customers, competition, technology, political, economic and social forces as well as outcomes or results of their own actions. Influential as these may be, and they are, they do not in themselves determine, in a prescriptive sense, the course of an organisations performance.

There are a raft of intervening and interacting dynamics and variables within organisations that ultimately drive business performance. Research has demonstrated that an organisation’s internal climate is a decisive differentiator of business performance. Climate here refers to “What it feels like to work here”.

Current research shows that all things being equal, those organisations with high employee engagement, i.e. strong Climate, deliver more impressive bottom line performance. We also know that those organisations that raise the engagement of employees immediately achieve an improvement in business performance.

Based on 3e Performance’s practical approach and proven experience in delivering significant organisation change and leadership behaviour development we have menu of interventions from which a package that suits the specific circumstances of an organization, usually following our initial diagnostics, to help build the platform for a sustainable High Performance Climate.

Climate - 6 Dimensions
“I learnt that being directive without indifferent is an effective leadership style. It requires effort and preparation to be a good Blue 4. Engaging boss, peers and subordinates is very important as one influences the other and the desired result. The GPI provided me with a good starting point to develop my plans to close my performance gaps.”
"How to control myself and conduct more effective meetings with my managers. Manage my team and control my behaviour towards them. Finally I have identified my weaknesses."
"I have always been a believer in the features of Blue 4 behaviour. ETLS has given me the toolkit to understand my predisposition and how to influence my behaviours."