Creating Climate for Performance
Developing Next Generation Leaders
Performance Enhancement Programme
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Developing Next Generation Leaders

An intervention to help organizations strengthen their talent pipeline, keeping it full and flowing and avoid the desperate and often costly scramble for outside talent from a supply pool that is lagging behind demand.

Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

There are work hierarchies and the requirements for success at the different levels are not the same. What makes an individual contributor successful can not guarantee success at the level of a manager of individual contributors, where the requirements are now about achieving through individual contributors and making them successful. So;

  • What are the requirements for success at each level?
  • How is potential to deliver appraised and developed?
People Management Cogs

There are three cogs in the “Talent Engine”.

1. Bringing in people into the organization

2. Helping them to be successful in delivering performance

3. Identifying and growing leaders up the work hierarchies

These cogs must be properly aligned to deliver effectively.

“Knowing that organisation performance is directly linked with the climate and the organisation climate is dependent on behaviours from Leaders and Managers was extremely useful.”
"I learnt that being directive without indifferent is an effective leadership style. It requires effort and preparation to be a good Blue 4. Engaging boss, peers and subordinates is very important as one influences the other and the desired result. The GPI provided me with a good starting point to develop my plans to close my performance gaps."