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Direction Setting

Direction Setting

In one form or another, organisational leaders usually have a Vision they expect to realize for their organisations in the future or at least some articulation of their purpose. The challenge is usually in getting a common understanding of what these are amongst the leadership. Where, to a more or less extent, some shared understanding is achieved, the other challenge could be successfully articulating a coherent and aligned set of strategies to deliver these. Then there is also the challenge of translating what corporate vision actually means in terms of what individuals do to deliver these and how they go about doing those things.

Our approach to supporting organizations address these challenges is one that has been successfully utilised for over 25 years by leadership teams from a wide range of business sectors and geographical locations around the world. This approach is based on the Glowinkowski Integrated Framework™.

The general idea is that everything in an organisation, including its strategies, has its origin in the minds of people. It is the thoughts and ideas of people, which influence their behaviours that ultimately determine the climate. This climate has been shown to have an overwhelming influence on organisational performance outcomes.

It is of crucial importance therefore, in setting an organisations direction and strategic intent, to recognise that that these will ultimately deliver the organisational performance outcomes sought through a climate that stimulates people to release discretionary effort. A climate where their generative actions and commitments can also be harnessed, as they create and take responsibilities for their own possibilities in the context of internalising the company’s strategic intent, by living out its goals and objectives at all levels. This is what distinguishes organisations that are playing to win sustainably from those that are just playing.

Our Direction setting and Strategy facilitation process equips a leadership team to gauge the challenge they face in the moment in terms of, not only its current performance, but the prevailing climate that brings about that performance. They are enabled to get a rich perception of how their individual perspectives and behaviours support or hinder strategy development and implementation as well as goal delivery. We find this insight forms a powerful platform for the ongoing management of relationships within the team as well a basis for the continuous development of the team and individual members.

The other thing our process delivers is to enable the team generate real clarity and shared understanding about its purpose and Critical Success Factors, and perhaps, more importantly, helping to establish a sense of team commitment to that direction. This provides a critical basis for achieving ongoing and sustained success for the overall organisation.