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Performance Enhancement Programme
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Performance Enhancement Programme

PEP looks at Total Organizational Performance

At the beginning of our career up to 80% of successful performance is dependent on ourselves and 20% is dependent on others. At this level all we need is strong technical skills and a measure of interpersonal skills to a more or less extent. As we grow higher we get to a point where more than 80% of successful performance is dependent on others and 20% is dependent on our skills and even this 20% is about making others successful. Here, we require essentially leadership skills. To rise beyond a particular level in an organization, it is our leadership skills that come into scrutiny.

Any one responsible for organizational performance has three aspects to his/her performance. He or she would be responsible for at least one of these three aspects. Some are responsible for two or all three aspects.

  • Concerns Own performance, (Individual Contributors)
  • Concerns Other’s (Direct Reports) performance
  • Concerns Business Unit or Organization’s performance
Performance Enhancement Programme

Performance is a multifaceted issue and must be so addressed

  • Performance is an individual thing. A performance enhancement initiative must drill down to individual performance and fix issues here. When individuals feel valued they release discretionary effort. This is where performance is locked and this is where it has to be unlocked.
  • Performance is also a team thing. A performance enhancement initiative must also address team effectiveness. Good teams understand how individual and team performance leverage off one another; they keep and review their performance on well understood performance criteria.
  • They benchmark against comparators and address issues identified.
“My behaviour can make a significant effect to the business climate and the organisations performance.”
"The programme gave real practical tools to help improve performance."
"Re emphasising the Blue 4 behaviours is useful. It is easy to allow situations to dictates actions. The skill learnt refocuses the benefits from Blue 4. The ESI was useful in identifying behavioural styles which require work and change."