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Sales Leadership

For Sales Managers

Sales Managers on our Sales Leadership programme will learn a great deal about their behaviour and its impact, both positive and negative, on their Sales people, their colleagues and potentially on customers. They will become better able to recognise different behavioral types encountered in the workplace and the intrinsic motivational factors that influence their own and their team members’ behaviors. They will also understand how they need to work within a team framework and apply coaching skills to influence change, as well as build desired commitment to establish a high performance climate. In addition, the programme will equip participants with highly developed and effective communication strategies, including Activity Management, Coaching, and performance analysis skills.

Together, all these skills and strategies will equip Sales Leaders/Managers to coach improved performance and obtain genuine commitment to action. They will leave the programme with a well-practiced Sales Management/Leadership approach aimed at creating a business climate that allows sales people to excel. They will also be able to influence more effectively and gain support for collective objectives across interdepartmental lines. They will be able to build strategies to manage and influence across functional boundaries and so be better able to deliver their own and their team’s performance objectives.

For Sales People

Just as we do for Sales managers we ensure all Sales people understand how to deliver the basics:

  • Need Based Selling 
  • Probing to ensure customer needs
  • Benefit Statement Construction
  • Managing Objections
  • Closing Skills
  • Adapting to different Customers

They will learn a unique sales collaborative behaviour (Blue 4) that produces positive business results between them and their customers. The programme is founded upon a method of identifying and categorising customers' behaviors, so that they are able to respond in the most appropriate way to customers' needs. They learn how to adapt their own behavior to effectively assist the wide variety of people they encounter to take action for their benefit.

Sales People also learn the influencing skills that will enable them to present products and services effectively, overcome customer barriers and objections, and gain customer commitment. They will learn how to read customer behaviour and identify the needs that motivate individual buyers.

As such they come out of the intervention better able to:-

  • Effectively deploy a Customer Focused Sales Process
  • Improved understanding of what their organisation sells
  • How to structure an effective interaction
  • How to read and weigh-up behaviours
  • How to adapt own behaviour for situation and others behaviour
  • How to motivate and influence for commitment
  • How to engage and sustain two-way communications – Asking questions, Listening and Understanding
  • How to ensure all sales opportunities are closed
“I will use the skills set to better manage my boss, peers and subordinates by reviewing the current strategies in order to deliver Blue 4 behaviour always.”
"Very useful to understand that Blue 4 behaviour is not only for direct reports, but can also be very effective with peers and Senior Managers."
“Using the skills with my team members to get the best from them, also delivering the benefits for the business.”